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AI Insights at EDGE Workspaces: Unique’s Tech Community

Unique, based at Edge Workspaces Grand Central Berlin, harnesses GPT-based AI to streamline client interactions, offering data-driven insights across 12 languages. While championing remote work, Unique prioritizes genuine human connection, emphasizing the importance of community. Their choice of Edge Workspaces reflects this balance, offering a modern coworking environment that fosters both innovation and camaraderie. Discover how Unique seamlessly blends technology and human touch in our full article.
Two smiling males in black t-shirts labeled "unique" standing side by side against a vibrant blue backdrop in a coworking space. The man on the left wears glasses and has dark, wavy hair An image from EDGE Workspaces.

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Harnessing the Power of AI

At the crossroads of innovation and connection, Unique, a resident company at Edge Workspaces Grand Central Berlin, redefines the modern professional experience. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI language models like GPT, they analyze client conversations in 12 languages, providing invaluable data-driven insights. Their mission? Supercharge human capability and free professionals from time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing for richer, more personal interactions. Thea Kitzinger, a developer at Unique, describes their philosophy as giving employees “more time for their clients.”

The Essence of Human Connection in Business

In today’s digital era, while most business transactions shift online, the need for genuine human connection remains paramount. Unique champions this balance. Despite promoting a remote work culture, they emphasize maintaining a robust community and social life within their company. Their commitment to fostering relationships extends to their choice of office space – Edge Workspaces. This coworking environment offers not just state-of-the-art facilities but also a sense of community and belonging. With a prime location and amenities ranging from social events to table tennis, Edge Workspaces brings people closer, breaking geographical and digital barriers.

As Unique blends the power of AI with the essence of human touch, Edge Workspaces provides the ideal setting, capturing the spirit of coworking for the future. The resounding sentiment? “You’ll never be alone.” Dive deeper into our conversation with Thea and explore how the world of work is evolving in our full article.

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Inside Unique’s Innovative Communication Tools

A quick visit of Unique’s website reveals a bunch of keywords relative to the modern  professional environment, providing an insight of their mission: 

“Unique records client conversations and leverages state-of-the-art AI language  models like GPT to analyze them in over 12 languages to deliver data-driven insights  and assistance to client-facing teams that adds to their decision-making and helps  them win more clients. On top of that, Unique generates an automatic call summary  and updates your CRM, saving you [precious time].” 

This is the purpose of a company that has settled at Edge Workspaces Grand Central Berlin  almost two years ago and actively participated to the community of our Business Club. That  is why we took some time to sit down for an interview with Thea Kitzinger, one of the  developers of that company and our main spokesperson for everything related to their office  and coworkers: 

“Unique consists of a platform to supercharge humans. This is our way to say that we  give employees the possibility to have more time for their clients by getting rid of a  part of the administrational work. We make use of Open AI and ChatGPT, which are  integrated in our platform. Users can upload documents on secured EU Servers and  ask anything about them to an automated chatbot. For example, if you’re renting  offices, you can upload all the rental agreements, and then ask: “What’s the monthly  rent paid by the company XY?” or: “Write an email with the updated terms and  conditions to all the offices” and you’ll get your answer right away.” 

Navigating Community and Work in a Digital Age

In this new virtual world, where most of the administration, sales and marketing take place  digitally, Unique’s approach to digitalization is fundamental to any kind of ambient. Digital  doesn’t mean impersonal though – the connection among the coworkers has to be fomented  to hold onto the team feeling, without which reaching a goal together wouldn’t be possible: 

“On the one side, we do promote the remote working culture, which makes sense in  relation to the environmental change, because people can travel less. And this is  supported by our software that permits recording videocalls and generating automatic  reports of the meetings, so coworkers don’t have to be in a specific location. On the  other side, we have a strong community and social life inside of our company. We  make sure that people are still able to meet on a regular basis. When we’re together  we go out for lunch, and we help each other out in person. We value spending time  with our colleagues during working hours, which is not always typical for developers.” 

The Global Community of Unique

It’s not only the relationship among the colleagues that must be supported in this digital  environment, but also the contact with the directors and the whole company as a unity. Our  team at Edge Workspaces, for instance, has a very open relationship with the other  departments and CEO, with which we have regular meetings and private conversations  whenever we need to. This matches also with Unique’s philosophy:  

“Everyone is helpful. If you have a problem, you can reach out to anyone. The  company is transparent. We have a Slack channel where everything is posted for  everyone to have the same information at the same time, and we have quarterly  meetings to review what we have achieved. On top of that, we take care of our social events with dinners, drinks, escape rooms, etc.” 

All of this corroborates the team feeling of a company split into different offices: besides the  office in Berlin and employees in other parts of Germany and London, Unique has an office  in Zurich – the headquarters of the company. Their effort to communicate between the  different locations and make everyone feel integrated in the company is not wasted. 

Embracing the Coworking Experience

The other big step taken by Unique to connect people and take down geographical and  digital barriers, was choosing Edge Workspaces as their Berliner office. Being this a  coworking space, our members can move freely around our areas, depending on whether  they need to stay by themselves and stay focused or have people around them. This allows  communication, networking, and spreads a familiar feeling of belonging to a place: 

“We value the location, so close to the main station, very comfortable. We have  people coming from Switzerland who arrive easily here. Edge also uses Slack, so we  can have our own channel, where the communication runs well. We love that you  organize social events – it’s great to have the option and we feel invited. During our  lunch breaks or in between meetings we can play table tennis and eat with the  people we get to know on place.” 

That’s the purpose of coworking. Getting to know people who are not colleagues, but still  match this pattern of meeting every day and spending time in the same space together: 

“Of course we appreciate making friends with other companies, go to lunch with  them, etc. People here are not isolated and they’re openminded, trying to get to know  you when you start seeing them regularly – they’re curious. It’s nice having areas to  eat together outside of the office. We have good food options, and this coworking  formula offers us extra administrational service, for example regarding the letters and  the guests we receive. It works even better since we use the Edge Workspaces App.” 

Our workspaces’ design serves as a frame to these feelings, encapsulating them in a  biophilic vibe that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed: 

“I love that we have so many plants and I would love to do a plant workshop to learn  how to make babies out of all those plants, so we can grow our own in the offices! I  really like the seating arrangement, because it lets you take a moment to be in a  quiet place, where nobody sees you anymore, where you escape in a kind of  labyrinth. Sometimes you do want to get some distance during working hours. Yet,  you can just walk through the lunch area, and you will always see someone you  know and say hi. You’ll never be alone.” 

The Future Outlook on Coworking Spaces

This sums up well our concept of coworking. Starting from this statement, it seems like the  formula works and will be stable in the future to come: 

“The coworking will be the normal kind of office in my opinion, because a lot of companies are switching to remote working, offering their coworkers to stay homecompletely or two-three times a week. Moreover, companies can still provide enough space with a smaller office and don’t make it look empty, because people don’t go tothe office all at the same time. Here at the coworking space you enter and find atleast a couple of people at any time.”

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