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Here’s Why Coworking Spaces Will Keep on Thriving

Discover why coworking spaces like EDGE Workspaces are more than just a trend, but a transformative way of working that combines flexibility, community, and cutting-edge design. Dive into our latest blog post featuring insights from Samar at Autobahn Security and learn the five key reasons these innovative environments continue to flourish.
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In this story

5 reasons to rent an office in a coworking space, with our member Samar 

In recent years, Europe’s professional landscape has transformed with the surge of  coworking spaces, reshaping traditional office roles. The flourishing coworking industry,  experiencing unprecedented growth, reflects evolving work dynamics and a heightened  emphasis on flexibility. Major cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and London have seen a spike  in coworking facilities, indicating a shift in attitudes toward work-life balance. The rise is  fueled by a growing number of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers – but not  only -, as the gig economy gains momentum. Coworking spaces, known for  collaboration, flexible memberships, and vibrant communities, offer a compelling  alternative for those seeking agility, social engagement, and service in their work  environment. 

We discussed further the causes of this trend in a friendly interview with Samar, one of  our most loyal members in Berlin, Head of People & Culture of a company that has rented  some of our offices for over two years now – Autobahn Security. They form a dynamic  team of over 80 experts from 25 different nationalities, with a presence in five countries.  Their collective mission is to establish themselves as the foremost solution for  enhancing hacking resilience, ensuring cyber risks are the least of a company’s worries.  Drawing upon a decade of experience in white hat hacking, cyber security research, and  Fortune 500 consultancy, they possess the expertise needed to elevate their clients’ IT  security. 

By fusing Samar’s and her team’s experience at EDGE Workspaces with our own vision  of the concept of shared and private offices, we came up with a list of the main reasons  why this modern approach to the working environment will keep on flourishing. These  can be summed up in 5 simple questions that every potential client on an office visit asks:  Where? What? How Much? Who? How? In other words, they’re enquiring about: 

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  1. WHERE? Location and surroundings. 
  2. WHAT? Facilities and services. 
  3. HOW MUCH? Price and flexibility. 
  4. WHO? Networking and community engagement. 
  5. HOW? Design and environment. 

On some or all of these factors will depend the final choice – and here is why a coworking  space has an advantage over the classic office. 

  1. WHERE? Location and surroundings. 

Possibly the most important factor influencing the final decision for a new office, the  location of a coworking space is pivotal for various reasons. Beyond mere accessibility,  a proximity to major business districts and transportation hubs not only streamlines daily  commutes but also fosters a dynamic community, by inspiring more people to go to the  office. A central location aids in client meetings, contributing to a positive brand image.  Nearby amenities and services add practical convenience, enriching the overall work 

experience. Moreover, a well-chosen location taps into the local business ecosystem,  opening avenues for collaborations.  

The right location transforms a coworking space into a thriving, accessible, and  interconnected professional center – with this in mind, companies like EDGE  Workspaces open their venues in such strategical spots of the cities, making sure that  their members can always benefit of their position. Also for this reason we were chosen  by Autobahn Security in Berlin: “Having the possibility to drink a coffee directly in the  building or have lunch right on the other side of the street is great, and this makes  everything easier with our visitors”. 

  1. WHAT? Facilities and services. 

Next to the location, the building itself has to offer high standards to compete with other  companies, because the amenities and facilities are crucial for creating an optimal work  environment. Beyond providing the basics like high-speed internet and ergonomic  furniture, a comprehensive set of amenities enhances the overall member experience.  Meeting rooms equipped with advanced technology facilitate collaboration, while  dedicated private spaces cater to focused work. Common areas, kitchen facilities, and  recreational spaces contribute to a well-rounded workspace. Additional perks such as  fitness centers, wellness programs, and on-site events enrich the work-life balance.  

All of this can be found in the best coworking spaces. Office managers won’t have to  research and pay for partners and benefits for their employees, once they choose a  serviced venue that offers everything their members may need, all included in the same  contract. This is possibly the most valuable point for Samar: “Having a team that takes  care of the logistics and guest management is great. Post, packages, visitors – everything  is coordinated by the service team of EDGE Workspaces, and we are informed in real  time about it all. If we had an office in a normal building, we would need to employ  someone just to take care of that. On the fun side, we all love the tennis table”. 

In the future amenities could get even better: “Imagine having a room with modular  furniture, that in some simple steps can be turned into a meeting room, without having  to move laptops, cables, and without having to book an extra room. Or a combination of  phone booths, desks, etc. to save space.” All depends on the specific needs of each  company and the ability to adapt them to the given space – this is also the idea of a  coworking space. 

  1. HOW MUCH? Price and flexibility  

The pricing and flexibility of packages and agreements are fundamental in shaping the  appeal of a coworking space. Offering transparent and competitive pricing ensures  accessibility for all kinds of professionals. Flexible packages, including day passes,  monthly memberships, and tailored plans, suit the various working preferences. A  coworking space’s success hinges on striking a balance between affordability and  flexibility, providing options that align with the dynamic needs of its members. This is 

usually not possible in a classic office, where a company pays a fixed amount based  solely on office surface. 

Samar shares this view: “Accommodating terms and agreements enable individuals  and businesses to scale their usage as needed. In the future I can expect even more flexibility in terms of upgrading or downgrading how many seats one needs – to  economize budgets month by month, but also in terms of space usage”. 

  1. WHO? Networking and community engagement. 

A sense of community is integral to a coworking space, shaping an environment where  members feel interconnected and supported. It goes beyond the workspace, stimulating  collaboration and fueling a lively exchange of ideas. This shared connection transforms  the space into more than a work setting; it evolves into a communal hub sparking friendships and mutual support. This community spirit enhances members’ well-being,  providing a sense of belonging and shared purpose.  

This serves as the adhesive that binds a coworking space, creating a vibrant and fulfilling  ecosystem for all its inhabitants. Our main pillar at EDGE Workspaces is to offer this kind  of hospitality – and our members can sense it: “Such a space is perfect for small teams,  because they can always see people around and not feel lonely in their private office.  Also, here we have these after work events, community mingles – great opportunities for  individuals who love having the feeling of being included in something”. 

  1. HOW? Design and environment. 

Neuroscientifically speaking, subtle elements like natural light, ergonomic furniture, and  strategic layouts impact cognitive function – they induce creativity and focus. Colors and  spatial arrangements can trigger positive emotional responses, enhancing the overall  atmosphere. Thoughtful design considerations adapt to diverse work styles, providing a  comfortable and inspiring environment. Beyond aesthetics, it’s about creating a  harmonious space that supports mental well-being, encouraging collaboration and  innovation. 

And your company doesn’t even have to think about it: the coworking businesses plan  their spaces with this already in mind. With the help of upcycled and rentable furniture,  plants and decorations, the most suitable ambience is there to match the philosophy of  those companies who put the well-being of their employees in first place – just like  Autobahn Security: “The motivation one gets in a building like Edge’s can be easily  perceived upon entering it: these beautiful welcoming interiors, bright and green, give a  cozy feeling without cutting down on the professional side of the environment. And it’s  great for our brand image: when visitors or new candidates come to our office, they are  always impressed by these aesthetics”: 

Coworking Spaces are here to stay

In summary, coworking spaces stand as a prominent and enduring feature in the evolving  professional landscape. Insights from Samar at Autobahn Security prove the significance  of factors such as location, facilities, pricing, networking, and thoughtful design in the  continued success this formula. 

EDGE Workspaces is following the trend with its new location in Hamburg opening on  March 1st 2024.

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