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EDGE Workspaces Celebrates the Launch of a New Dynamic Workspace in Hamburg

Join us in welcoming the latest addition to the EDGE Workspaces family: a new, dynamic location in the heart of Hamburg's HafenCity. This exciting opening marks another stride in our journey of growth, offering a unique blend of flexible workspaces, community-driven environments, and sustainable design. Set in the innovative landscape of HafenCity and adjacent to the picturesque EDGE ElbSide, our newest location boasts state-of-the-art coworking spaces, luxurious lounges, and expansive terraces. It's more than an office; it’s a space where professionals can connect, create, and thrive in an environment that redefines the essence of modern workspaces.
Render of HafenCity - sutainability and innovation in the newest business district of Hamburg

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Following the success of its locations in Amsterdam and Berlin, EDGE Workspaces is thrilled to unveil its latest venture in Hamburg, marking another milestone in its expansion journey. The full details of this exciting development are available in the original press release by Edge.

Located in the bustling heart of HafenCity, the new EDGE Workspaces facility is set to open its doors at the start of 2024. Situated within EDGE HafenCity, a notable development by real estate developer Edge, this new space is conveniently near its sister building, EDGE ElbSide. Spanning an impressive 3,900 square meters, with 2,750 square meters dedicated to subtenants, this location is designed to cater to the modern professional’s every need. The layout includes a co-working area, lounges, and pantries, supplemented by an additional 5,500 square meters of shared spaces like atriums, playgrounds, and terraces. These areas foster a rich, collaborative ecosystem, promoting interaction and innovation among EDGE Workspaces tenants and other building occupants.

EDGE Workspaces stands out for its commitment to community and well-being. Far beyond offering just a workspace, it orchestrates a variety of activities and events, nurturing a vibrant community and fostering deep connections among tenants. This approach not only enhances the professional experience but also enriches personal interactions, redefining office hospitality.

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stories on flexible work?

Want to read more about our stories on flexible work?

In an era where remote work is prevalent, EDGE Workspaces underscores the lasting importance of physical office spaces as hubs of collaboration and innovation. Building on the high tenant satisfaction in its existing locations, EDGE Workspaces is strategically positioned to thrive in the rejuvenating office market. Its flexible contracts and supportive environment underscore its role in reshaping the workspace landscape.

The new EDGE Workspaces location in Hamburg is a landmark in the city’s real estate scene, symbolizing not just a workspace but an energetic, interconnected community. As the concept of work environments evolves globally, EDGE Workspaces continues to lead the way in creating spaces that inspire, connect, and unlock the potential in everyone.

Explore the heart of innovation at EDGE HafenCity: a spacious and vibrant coworking hall, seamlessly blending workspaces with culinary delights. This bustling area, featuring comfortable seating and a contemporary restaurant, is where ideas flourish and community thrives.

About EDGE HafenCity

Overlooking the scenic Amerigo Vespucci square, EDGE HafenCity has established itself as a vibrant center in HafenCity, Hamburg. Covering a total area of 22,500 square meters, this development features a sunlit spacious atrium and an inviting staircase that promotes movement and interaction. The main terrace offers panoramic harbour views. Adhering to the highest standards in sustainability, well-being, and health, EDGE HafenCity aims to foster an environment that enhances productivity and personal well-being, making it an ideal location for the innovative EDGE Workspaces.

Step inside one of EDGE HafenCity’s modern meeting rooms: a fusion of style and functionality. Designed to inspire creativity and collaboration, these rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering an ideal setting for productive discussions and groundbreaking ideas.

Explore More About EDGE Workspaces

As we celebrate the opening of our new EDGE Workspaces location in Hamburg, we invite you to explore more of our thought leadership and insights into the world of innovative workspaces. Here’s a selection of articles that delve deeper into the ethos and offerings of EDGE HafenCity and its impact on the workspace landscape:

Additionally, our pillar content article, EDGE HafenCity: Revolutionizing Workspace Dynamics in Hamburg, offers an in-depth look at how EDGE HafenCity is not just an office space but a vibrant community hub that fosters creativity, collaboration, and well-being.

Each of these articles provides valuable insights and perspectives on the evolving nature of workspaces and how EDGE Workspaces is at the forefront of this transformation, creating environments that inspire and empower professionals.

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