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Private Office vs. Open Space: Choosing the Right Workspace for Your Business

Explore the pros and cons of private offices and open spaces to find the best workspace configuration for your business. Learn about the benefits of enhanced privacy, collaboration, and flexible solutions offered by EDGE Workspaces.
The Atrium of Stadium with its plants and comfy seating, without giving up on the professional atmosphere and the biophilic design

In this story

Choosing the right office space can significantly impact the productivity of your business and its work culture. Private office spaces offer enhanced privacy, but also fewer distractions and a professional environment for meetings with clients. These spaces are ideal for tasks that require high concentration and can boost productivity for individuals and small teams.

On the other hand, open office spaces are meant to promote collaboration and flexibility, making them suitable for businesses that are growing. Open layouts can also be cost-effective, allowing for easy reconfiguration as the team expands. However, in some cases they might come with increased noise and potential for distractions.

At EDGE Workspaces we provide flexible solutions that cater to both private office space and open space preferences. We offer fully customizable office configurations, which ensure that businesses can optimize their workspace according to their specific needs and goals. We even offer greater flexibility where businesses can use both private and public office spaces.

Want to read more about our
stories on flexible work?

Want to read more about our stories on flexible work?

Key Takeaways

  • Private offices provide privacy and fewer distractions.
  • Open spaces encourage collaboration and adaptability.
  • EDGE Workspaces offers tailored office configurations.

Advantages of Private Offices

Comfortable office with upcycled furniture and a biophilic design that includes plants, natural colors and materials
Our comfortable office space with upcycled furniture and a biophilic design that includes plants, natural colors and materials.

Private offices offer numerous benefits for businesses that are seeking a more controlled environment. Privacy is surely a significant advantage, which allows employees to work on tasks that might be sensitive for which they won’t have to worry about eavesdropping. This is especially vital for businesses that handle confidential information.

Private offices also provide fewer distractions. Walls can be set up for separating workspaces, where interruptions can be minimized, which enhances focus and efficiency. This way employees can concentrate on their tasks without the noise and the bustle of an open-plan playout. 

Having a private office space means professionals can manage both their professional and personal affairs more discreetly. This separation of work and personal matters can lead to a better work-life balance that promotes overall job satisfaction.

Client meetings can definitely benefit from a more professional environment. Of course, at EDGE Workspaces, we also offer several meeting rooms that can be booked in advance to your demand.

Client meetings can benefit from a more professional environment. Private offices may tend to create a setting that reflects prestige and seriousness, which can be crucial for gaining clients’ trust and showcasing the company’s capabilities.

Another advantage is an increased level of security, which can be important when handlings documents and equipment that are safer stored in a private space, which reduces the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

For teams, a private office space shared by a small group of 2-3 workers can encourage enhanced collaboration and productivity. Such a setup allows close-knit teamwork without the constant interruptions found in open spaces.

Private offices also offer professional status incentives. Employees may view the chance to move into a private office as a milestone or achievement, motivating them to improve their performance and aim for promotions. Taking that next step as a startup moving into your own office space is indeed quite the achievement!

Businesses opting for private offices should consider the balance between these advantages and see if the cost implications outweigh the benefits of working in a private office space environment versus that of an open space office such as coworking.While offices may take up more space and resources, the above mentioned benefits can surely justify the investment for many companies. Curious to find out pricing our office spaces? Make sure to contact us directly and receive a quote.

Disadvantages of Private Offices

A summary of potential disadvantages of a private offices can be summarized as follows:

  • High cost: Private offices are often more expensive to set up and maintain. They might require more space and resources, making them a costlier option for many businesses. 
  • Limited collaboration: Private offices can limit opportunities for spontaneous interaction and collaboration. This setup can create silos where communication is less frequent and ideas are not shared as freely. However, finding a private office space with EDGE Workspaces gives you the opportunity to combine a private office setting with access to the open workspace environment that we offer. 
  • Space inefficiency: A typical private office takes up more space compared to an open office. In an open office, the layout is more flexible, allowing for more efficient use of space, as discussed in this analysis.
  • Reduced flexibility: Private offices lack the flexibility to accommodate rapid changes in team size. In contrast, open spaces can easily adjust to accommodate more personnel. This flexibility is crucial for businesses experiencing growth.
  • Maintenance and upkeep: Private offices often need more maintenance and upkeep. Each office might need its own set of furniture, equipment, and supplies, leading to higher operational costs. 
  • Potential for isolation: Employees in private offices may feel isolated from their colleagues. This isolation can lead to a sense of disconnection from the team and the broader company culture.

Consider these disadvantages when deciding between private offices and open spaces for your business. 

Advantages of Open Spaces

Private offices based on our company pillars: design, well being, technology, sustainability. And we add our hospitality to it.
Our open spaces based on our company pillars: design, well being, technology, sustainability. And with high focus for superb hospitality.

Open spaces offer several benefits that can appeal to various businesses, especially those looking to optimize costs and foster collaboration.

Cost-effectiveness is a major advantage of open spaces. At EDGE Workspaces we offer fully furnished coworking spaces, designed in state-of-the-art ways by the most high sustainable methods from award-winning buildings. We have designed our coworking spaces to encourage movement, stimulate interactions and take inspiration from nature to inspire you to work at your highest level.

Another advantage of open spaces is that they typically require less investment in partition walls and office furniture, which can significantly reduce setup and maintenance costs. This makes open spaces an attractive option for startups and small businesses operating on tight budgets.

Flexibility is another key benefit. Our open office spaces can easily be rearranged to accommodate changing team sizes or structures. This adaptability supports rapid growth and allows companies to respond quickly to shifting needs.

We have set up our spaces so collaboration is naturally enhanced in these open environments. The lack of physical barriers makes it easier for team members to communicate, share ideas, work together and come up with their most creative thinking. This can boost not only creativity but also lead to more innovative solutions, benefiting the entire organization.

Efficient use of space is another advantage of open office designs. They can fit more employees into a smaller area, which is crucial for businesses in high-rent areas. Maximizing every square meter helps improve profitability and ensures that space is used optimally. 

Visibility in open offices allows managers to engage more directly with their teams. This setup facilitates better oversight and quicker identification of issues, fostering a sense of teamwork. Employees can also feel more connected to their leaders, enhancing the overall work environment.

Social interaction is promoted in open spaces, encouraging employees to get to know each other better and build stronger relationships. Whilst designing our spaces we took great inspiration from sustainable design where we included natural elements. As research suggests this way we are making sure to boost morale and productivity.  

Therefore also natural light is more abundant in our open offices, as there are no walls blocking windows. This creates a more pleasant and stimulating environment for employees, contributing to their well-being and productivity.

For more information on the benefits of open office spaces and a discussion on various office configurations, feel free to explore our resources on office setups and their pros and cons or book a tour to see our beautiful designed spaces.

Disadvantages of Open Spaces

A summary of potential disadvantages of open spaces can be summarized as follows:

  • Noise levels: Open office spaces can be noisy. With many people working in the same area, sounds from phone calls, conversations, and office equipment can create distractions.
  • Lack of privacy: Employees in open spaces have less privacy. Sensitive conversations or confidential work can be hard to manage without private areas.
  • Interruptions: Frequent interruptions are common. Colleagues can easily approach each other, leading to reduced focus and productivity.
  • Health concerns: Open spaces can contribute to the spread of illnesses. With many shared surfaces and close proximity, germs can spread quickly, impacting overall health. However, regular cleaning by our professional cleaning services makes sure that health concerns are limited in all of our spaces.
  • Limited personalization: In open offices, personalization opportunities for workstations are limited. Employees may find it challenging to create a personal and comfortable workspace.
  • Focus problems: It is harder to concentrate. The open setup means more visual and auditory distractions, which can interfere with task completion.
  • Higher stress levels: Constant exposure to noise and interruptions can lead to increased stress levels. Employees might feel overwhelmed or unable to find quiet moments.
Noise levelsIncreased distractions
Lack of privacyHarder to manage confidential work
Frequent interruptionsReduced focus
Health concernsPotential quicker spread of gems
Limited personalizationDifficult to create personal space

Scenarios and Preferences

Three people in a modern coworking lounge with large windows. Two women converse on a circular sofa, one seated and one standing, while another woman works on a laptop nearby. The room features lush plants An image from EDGE Workspaces.

Choosing the right office setup is crucial for any business, as it can significantly impact productivity, collaboration, and overall work environment. Whether you opt for a private office or an open space, each has its unique benefits and challenges. In this guide, we will explore the advantages of private offices and open spaces, and provide insights on how to choose the right configuration for your business needs.

Advantages of Private Offices

Private offices offer a range of benefits that cater to businesses seeking a more controlled and quiet environment. From enhanced privacy to increased productivity, private offices provide a professional setting that can significantly improve work efficiency and job satisfaction.

  • Enhanced privacy: Private offices provide a quiet, secluded space, ideal for tasks that require deep focus and confidentiality, away from the noise and interruptions of an open office.
  • Fewer distractions: The presence of walls and doors minimizes disturbances from conversations and other office activities, creating a more focused work environment.
  • Professional environment for client meetings: Hosting clients in a private office offers a more professional setting, allowing for confidential conversations without the risk of being overheard.
  • Boost in productivity: The quiet and focused atmosphere of a private office can significantly increase productivity, enabling employees to work without constant interruptions.
  • Quiet workspace: Private offices provide a tranquil environment crucial for activities that require intense concentration, such as writing reports or planning strategies.

Advantages of Open Spaces

Open spaces are designed to foster collaboration and communication among employees. They offer a cost-effective and flexible solution that can accommodate growing teams and dynamic business needs. Open offices create a lively and interactive work environment, which can boost creativity and teamwork.

  • Open space benefits: Open offices promote collaboration by creating a space where employees can easily communicate and share ideas.
  • Space efficiency: Open office plans can accommodate more employees in less space, making them a cost-effective solution.
  • Team collaboration: Teams working on projects together benefit from the ease of interaction and immediate access to colleagues in an open workspace.

Choosing the Right Configuration

Deciding between private offices and open spaces depends on your business’s specific needs and work culture. This section will help you understand how to balance the advantages of both setups and tailor your office configuration to support various tasks and teams effectively.

  • Small teams: Private offices are beneficial for small teams working on confidential projects that require focus and minimal interruptions.
  • Large scale operations: Companies with extensive operations may prefer open spaces to foster a dynamic and communicative work environment.
  • Balancing needs: Consider a mix of configurations based on tasks and teams. For example, creative teams might thrive in open spaces, while analysts could benefit from the quiet of private offices.
  • Flexible solutions: For dynamic and changing business needs, flexible office solutions are ideal. These might include modular spaces that can adapt to both private and open office setups.

By understanding the advantages of both private offices and open spaces, businesses can choose the right configuration to meet their specific needs, enhancing productivity and fostering a collaborative work environment.

EDGE Workspaces’ Flexible Solutions

Interior view of a modern office atrium with large potted trees, surrounded by circular seating areas. Upper levels feature glass windows and balconies. The space is designed as a flexible workspace solution with a An image from EDGE Workspaces.

At EDGE Workspaces we offer various office configurations that suit your different business needs. These include flexible solutions for both private offices and open spaces, catering to a broad range of preferences.

A private office at our Workspaces in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg ensure privacy and a quiet environment. Perfect for tasks requiring deep focus or confidential meetings, our offices are enclosed with walls and doors but lots of natural daylight. This setup minimizes distractions and enhances productivity.

Our open workspaces are ideal for collaboration and communication. They provide a cost-effective solution and promote a vibrant work culture with a wide offer in extra services. Such as our coffee café with fresh barista specialty coffees and restaurants with great variety in healthy options at each of our locations. Businesses that thrive on teamwork will find open spaces appealing.

Furthermore, we also support hybrid models, combining both private and open office features. This allows for versatile use, addressing the varied needs of modern businesses.

Moreover our private office solutions can be tailored with options for furniture, decorations, and high standards in technology. This way we help businesses to customize their space and create it in such a way that aligns with their brand and work style.


We hoped that this thorough analysis of private offices and open office spaces revealed distinct benefits for each option. Helping you choose what is right for you and your team. But just to help you summarize, this is what we have concluded.

Private offices offer several advantages. They provide enhanced privacy and reduce distractions, which can boost productivity. These spaces are ideal for meetings with clients, offering a professional environment. They also give employees a quiet area for focused tasks.

Open office spaces, on the other hand, are often more cost-effective. They require less space and fewer resources to set up, making them a good choice for businesses looking to lower expenses. Open spaces can also foster collaboration among team members, encouraging a sense of community and teamwork.

Different businesses have unique needs, and some may benefit from flexible office solutions. These can include a mix of private and open spaces, providing the best of both worlds.

When choosing the right office space, businesses should consider factors like cost, space needs, and employee work styles. By evaluating these aspects, companies can find a configuration that supports their goals and enhances overall workplace efficiency. These things are not always easy, but our team is there to help you through the process. Feel free to reach out and book a tour at your preferred time and location.

For businesses opting for open office spaces, understanding how to balance the benefits and drawbacks is essential. Meanwhile, those leaning towards private offices should weigh the higher costs against the potential for increased productivity and professional image.

Exploring the pros and cons of both office configurations can help in making informed decisions that align with business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private offices offer increased privacy and fewer distractions, which can lead to higher focus and productivity. They also provide a professional setting for client meetings and handling sensitive tasks. However, they may be costlier and require more space compared to open layouts.

Open space layouts can foster better collaboration and communication among employees. These spaces often use less area and are more cost-effective. However, they can also lead to increased noise and distractions, which might reduce individual productivity.

Businesses should consider the nature of their work, the need for privacy, budget constraints, and the company culture. They should evaluate how employees interact and whether the noise level and potential distractions in open spaces could affect productivity.

Flexible office solutions include adjustable workstations, movable partitions, and areas designated for quiet work alongside collaborative spaces. These setups allow businesses to tailor the office environment to their specific needs, balancing both privacy and teamwork.

Companies can use partitions, quiet zones, and soundproof meeting rooms to create privacy within open offices. Additionally, implementing noise-canceling technology and providing personal storage areas helps employees maintain a sense of individual space.

Modern office configurations often blend private offices with open areas and shared amenities, creating a hybrid model. Trends include modular furniture, biophilic design elements, and technology integration to support both individual work and team collaboration effectively.

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