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Why is HafenCity the Right Place for Your Company

The location of a business is a fundamental factor that influences its brand image and its employees’ satisfaction on the long term. See why EDGE Workspaces decided to open a new coworking space in the innovative district of HafenCity in Hamburg – and why you should join us.
Pre-opening picture of EDGE HafenCity that shows the beauty of the building before the office are filled up

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Business also means recognizing opportunities in advance, and seeing potential where others may not. The ability to foresee is an added value that plays the protagonist role in every economy-related scenario. Whether it’s sales, marketing, finance or investments, getting your hands on the right occasion in advance can change the whole game.
Choosing the location of an office becomes a strategic decision that corroborates the success of the organization. Accessibility, infrastructure, amenities, and services are the classic inevitable considerations that lead you to the final choice, but they are just a part of the whole. Other factors, such as the networking possibilities, the alignment with the surrounding environment, and being associated to the concept of innovation, equally contribute to the elevation of a company’s reputation.
At EDGE Workspaces we went one step further: not only did we see the true potential in HafenCity, but we’re offering you a flexible space in this ecosystem, so you don’t have to search for it by yourself. Our coworking spaces in Hamburg are all about that.

Pre-opening picture of EDGE HafenCity that shows the beauty of the building before the office are filled up
EDGE ElbSide & Hafencity


Situated along the banks of the Elbe River, the area of HafenCity has always been essential for Hamburg’s growth as a port city. Over the centuries, it played a key role in trade, and it became a major hub between the North and Baltic seas. Today, the district that was once a busy port area has now been transformed into Europe’s most ambitious urban development project. This neighbourhood has undergone a remarkable transformation from its industrial past into a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and creativity. It represents the city’s dedication to progress and innovation, showcasing visionary foresight and urban renewal. The development aims to construct over 2.5 million square meters of gross floor area, accommodating 16,000 residents and 45,000 job opportunities, alongside educational, retail, cultural, and leisure facilities (, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, n.d.). Inspired by Hamburg’s existing structures like the Speicherstadt and harbor basins, HafenCity incorporates red clinker brick and light-colored architecture to maintain visual harmony. Managed by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, the project prioritizes international standards of quality and encourages cooperation among developers and users to set high benchmarks. By emphasizing sustainability and social resilience, HafenCity not only redefines Hamburg’s urban landscape but also strengthens its role as a pioneer in forward-thinking urban development and climate-friendly progress. Just like Edge.

HafenCity Hamburg is a hub of innovation and aesthetics that come together as the biggest urban project of Europe


HafenCity’s sustainability concept is founded on a comprehensive urban planning approach that prioritizes environmental conservation and community well-being. One of the cornerstones of HafenCity’s sustainability strategy is its commitment to mixed land use and compact building design. By integrating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces within proximity, HafenCity minimizes the need for long commutes and reduces the environmental impact associated with urban sprawl.
Sustainable construction is a top priority in HafenCity. Buildings are constructed or renovated with energy efficiency in mind, using materials that have minimal environmental impact. Architects and developers are also incorporating green building technologies like solar panels, green roofs, and passive heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. A perfect example of this approach is the groundbreaking “Null-Emissionshaus”, which is designed to remain CO2 neutral from construction to operation, and even eventual dismantling and disposal. The building’s construction relies on sustainable or renewable materials, ensuring a low embodied carbon footprint from day one. It’s a testament to the power of conscious choices in architecture, and in line with Edge’s philosophy of offering sustainable work environments in Hamburg, and the whole world.

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The district’s efficient transportation systems play a crucial role in promoting sustainable mobility. HafenCity features a network of bike lanes, pedestrian-friendly promenades, and well-connected public transit options, including S-bahn, U-bahn, buses, ferries, and StadtRad bike stations. This emphasis on alternative modes of transportation not only reduces reliance on private cars but also helps mitigate traffic density and air pollution, contributing to a cleaner and healthier urban environment.
To testify this approach, HafenCity was also chosen as the ideal location to test innovative sustainability solutions such as HEAT (Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation), a pioneering smart mobility project. It aimed to investigate whether autonomously driven minibuses could complement traditional public transit, especially in areas where large vehicles were not practical, such as suburban neighbourhoods or during off-peak hours. Instead of a driver, driverless public transport operated on a defined route with a vehicle assistant. HEAT conducted passenger trials beginning in October 2020, offering automated rides at speeds of up to 25 km/h. From summer 2021 until its completion, passengers could ride the 1.8-kilometer route with five stops. The project included extensive passenger surveys to understand user needs and acceptance barriers. HEAT was globally showcased at the ITS World Congress on smart mobility in Hamburg in October 2021. A key feature was its unique technology, including vehicle perception via cameras, radar, and lasers, supplemented by roadside sensors and high-definition maps for anticipatory driving and increased speeds.

HafenCity Hamburg tested HEAT, the AI-driven sustainable transportation system.

Collaborative Environment

HafenCity Hamburg is an excellent choice for professionals who are seeking an energetic environment full of opportunities. The area has a dynamic mix of industries, ranging from technology to finance and creative to corporate, which attracts a diverse pool of talent. The mixture of professionals from diverse backgrounds creates an environment of varied ideas, perspectives, and collaborations, which drives innovation to new levels. Companies such as Gebr. Heinemann, the BUSS Group, Engel & Völkers, Greenpeace, Enerparc, Vattenfall, Veolia and The SPIEGEL Group are already present in HafenCity, with many more expected to follow. They showcase the diverse business environment thriving in HafenCity, illustrating its attractiveness to a variety of industries and companies.
Furthermore, the proximity to educational institutions and research centres such as HafenCity University (HCU), Kühne Logistics University (KLU), Medical School Hamburg (MSH), the International School of Management (ISM), and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management provides a steady stream of new talent. This ensures that the workforce remains dynamic and flexible to meet the constantly evolving demands of the market. Businesses located in HafenCity have the opportunity to reach into this extensive pool of skilled individuals, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and development within their organizations.

Culture and Recreation

HafenCity is a district that has something for everyone. Not only is it a buzzing hub for businesses, but it is also a cultural and recreational scene that is sure to attract lovers of art, music, or performance. One such cultural gem is the Elbphilharmonie, a stunning concert hall known for its remarkable architecture and world-class acoustics. This iconic building is a symbol of cultural excellence in HafenCity and a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the district’s cultural scene. Art lovers can visit galleries such as Kunstmeile, which features contemporary artwork from both local and international artists. For those who are interested in history, there are museums in HafenCity that display Hamburg’s maritime heritage, including the International Maritime Museum. Additionally, HafenCity has recreational amenities that provide opportunities for relaxation and leisure. The waterfront promenades offer stunning views of the Elbe River and are popular spots for strolling, jogging, or simply enjoying the scenery. Green areas such as Lohsepark provide peaceful spots within the city where visitors can relax surrounded by nature. Whether exploring the cultural scene or enjoying the outdoors, HafenCity offers a variety of experiences, making it a dynamic and liveable urban destination.

Elbphilarmonie: the testament to the smart, sustainable and design approach of HafenCity.
Mediaserver Hamburg / Cooper Copter GmbH

Unleash Your True Potential

As a hub for innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, Hamburg offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to prosper and grow. Whether it’s a startup looking to make its mark on the world or an established corporation seeking new avenues for expansion, EDGE HafenCity welcomes you with its vibrant, buzzing scene, innovative spirit, and collaborative ecosystem, offering companies a unique opportunity to flourish in the dynamic landscape of modern business.

Business success is not only measured by profitability, but also by the positive impact made on the community and the world. Do you want to be a part of it from the very beginning? Book a tour at EDGE Workspaces HafenCity and discover our limitless options.

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